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Who We Are

Compass Transportation was founded to provide safe and efficient school transportation service. Located in Skokie, IL we have quickly become a favorite for many local schools and organizations as our high standards of service exceed industry standards. Our staff are well trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of student transportation. Our goal is to provide a safe and hassle free experience.

All vehicles are maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and requirements. Our preventive maintenance program meet and exceed state and federal inspection requirements. Drivers are carefully vetted prior to acceptance of our vigorous training program. All drivers must meet strict government standards to qualify as a school bus driver. All drivers are subject to frequent background checks, mandatory participation in a drug testing program, and attendance of safety classes on a monthly basis.



​​​We are committed to providing quality service at a competitive rate.

Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in the transportation industry. We utilize software and technology to provide the most cost effective and efficient routing. Our entire fleet is radio dispatched and GPS tracked. We always have spare buses and drivers available to cover in the event of an emergency.


 773-279-9110  |  reservations@compasstrans.net |  7508  St Louis Ave,  Skokie IL 60076